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How to moisturize scalp

Most people have about 90, tohairs on their head, each composed of the protein keratin, water, lipids, the pigment melanin, and trace quantities of mineral elements that come from the environment.

how to moisturize scalp

Each hair shaft is covered by a cuticle. When hair is healthy and hydrated, cuticles overlap one another like the scales on a fish, enabling hair shafts to grow with a shiny, smooth appearance.

how to moisturize scalp

When cuticles are dried or damaged, they cannot lay flat, leading to hair that may have a rough, dull or frizzy appearance. Aging, exposure to best psoriasis cream nz elements — such as sunlight, humidity, heat and wind — and the use of hair dryers and other styling appliances can how to moisturize scalp to cuticle damage and bad hair days.

how to moisturize scalp

The main culprit, however, may be found in the chemicals and toxins that comprise non-natural shampoos and conditioners. Over time, these chemicals build up in the body, creating toxic load and damaging hair by causing the cuticle to dry out, swell and break.

how to moisturize scalp

Since chemicals in these products are washed down the drain, they may present environmental hazards, as well. Additionally, natural products moisturize the scalp, providing relief from itching, flaking, irritation and dandruff.

Natural shampoos tend to be gentler than their synthetic counterparts, cleansing hair without stripping its natural oils. Natural conditioners feature botanical compounds that coat, protect and lubricate hair, for cascading tresses that look and feel soft, glossy and lustrous.

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These botanicals supply soothing emollients that nourish the hair and scalp while delivering vitamins, inflammation modulators and antioxidants. Natural cleansing ingredients may include rosemary and chamomile, herbs with time-tested purifying properties.

how to moisturize scalp

Conditioners may supply herbal extracts along with protective oils of shea, sweet almond and jojoba. Some of these products may be Certified Organic. Always consult a medical professional before starting supplementation.

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